Create Your Own Pub Quiz or Multiple Choice Quiz Question Database

On this website you can create your own pub quiz pack or if you need a multiple choice quiz database for an online game, quiz DVD, skill with prizes machine, mobile phone application etc. you can instantly download a database here.

If you are making a pub quiz, questions cost 10p per question and you can add a 10 picture quiz round for £2 or a 20 picture quiz round for £3

Multiple choice quiz question databases cost 25p per question

Two things to note if you proceed

If you click "Just Browsing" any quiz you create you won't be able to download - you need to login and create a quiz to do that - Just Browsing just shows you how the site works and downloads a sample quiz

Secondly - Please follow instructions and DON'T CLICK THE BACK BUTTON ON YOUR BROWSER - if you do this as you proceed, your quiz will not download and the only way back is to start again!

Create a pub quiz pack by selecting your questions, change those you do not like and add a picture quiz – or create a multiple choice database by requesting the subject, number of answers and character length limitations – our system will then tell you how many questions we have before you buy.

Register your details by clicking “Order A Quiz” and you won’t get any duplicate questions in your quiz pack – or if you want to take a look at a sample quiz pack or database, work your way through the process, click “Just Browsing”.

If you have come here from the Instant Quizzes website, please note that this site requires a separate login and your Instant Quizzes details will not work on this site and you will need to register an account here before ordering for the first time.


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